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Today is the last post on building your outstanding federal resume. Why is the additional information important? For a variety of reasons. In this subsection of your resume you can highlight some of the minor areas of your life that make you a standout candidate. The things I find relevant to add here being with any volunteer or mentoring services you have provided, make sure these are non-paid positions that state the following:

  • What your position was i.e. Mentor, Volunteer
  • Who the position was for the organization “Team RWB (Red White Blue)
  • How long you participated and any possible recognition you may have received

The next highlights I think are important are any type of skills you may have. I list my typing speed which I have had evaluated over a few years.

Typing Speed: 65 WPM

I also add which operating systems I am proficient in again examples are shown below:

Microsoft Office Suite – Intermediate Level

Apple Office Suite – Intermediate Level

Following those “highlights” I add in something particular to me as an OIF/OEF/OND veteran. I have added all of my military ribbons and awards as well as my promotions that were meritoriously awarded. This is VERY IMPORTANT if you are attempting to find placement through any of the various Veterans only hiring authorities: VRA & VEOA. *Following the hyperlink will take you to the  Feds Hire Vets page on these specific hiring authorities and how they can be useful for Veterans.

My last important add-on states for the Federal HR professional that I am a combat Veteran eligible for VRA (hiring authority mentioned above). I’m not sure that it even makes a difference considering I always have my DD-214 uploaded into every application due to the points system. However, in a future post I will highlight VRA & VEOA and explain in my own terms what they mean to me. I suggest if you are at least Honorably Discharged and are Service-Connected 30% or more to add this to your resume so it’s a matter of fact.

I am a combat Veteran eligible for VRA up to the GS-11 or equivalent due to being a disabled Veteran receiving over 30% service-connected disability who served on active duty in the Armed Forces during a war (OIF) declared by Congress in which a campaign badge has been authorized and the Armed Forces Service Medal was awarded.

Reading the statement, it tells you that you can be hired up to the GS-11 or equivalent, what’s missing from the paragraph means you can be hired to the GS-11 or equivalent without competing with other applicants meaning you can be directly hired. I have not had this luxury, but if for example you are working in an office that has a potential opening. It would behoove you to talk to the hiring manager ahead of time, should you meet the requirements of that position. This is added value especially if you have shown potential in your workspace and are well suited for the possible position. You can save yourself a ton of time by mentioning you can be hired without the hiring manager even posting the job and having to interview other candidates. Since you’re here you know the hiring process can be long, trust me, many postings come up after sitting around for 30-90 days in some HR office being vetted for accuracy etc.. Make sure to follow this hyperlink to familiarize yourself with the hiring authorities for Veterans, Veterans Spouses, and their caretakers, it could just mean a position starting at a higher pay band which is always a great thing.

Much more to come in the next few weeks. I truly believe that if you have taken my resume posts, spent time reviewing the material and key points I have highlighted, you should be receiving more opportunities to being interviewed than you have before. I also understand that this takes quite a bit of time and possible rework. I am always available for resume consultations, while this service isn’t free, it comes with the benefit of my expert knowledge as well as coaching for future interviews. Contact me at if you need my professional services.




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