Challenged, Frustrated, You’re in the RIGHT PLACE

Good Afternoon, I started this website mainly because I wanted to empower others looking into federal employment to be successful. The process isn’t easy. If you listen to all the negativity about getting a federal job it can be overwhelming. “They only hire Veterans, minorities, friends of friends…” That list could grow long, very long. But I’m hear to tell you that the federal government […]

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Post Interview Thoughts

Over the past few weeks I’ve been applying for civilian jobs outside of my field of work. I’m very conscious of which federal postings I can be competitive in and recently in my AO, there has been little to apply for. I do have two new postings that I will be applying to, both of which are overseas, so that could be a huge transition […]

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New Year Results

Good Afternoon, As many of you have been wondering about my previous possible position that I was waiting for some answer from, today I have that answer. Back in November I had applied for a GS-13 position with the Air Force. Once the application closed within a week, I had heard back that I was “REFERRED” on to the hiring official. AS it was two […]

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The SF and OF Paperwork Explained..

The paperwork, ah the Paperwork OF-306, SF15, SF86.. Today we will examine the multitude of paperwork that comes with applying for a federal position. The only easy thing about the mandatory paperwork is that the forms, sounding foreign are at least easy to find. I will focus primarily on the essential documents that are commonly asked for and why each one is important. The good […]

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The Interview Process and What To Expect

Hey all, At this moment in my life I am awaiting a phone call for a GS-13 position. It’s funny because I know what to expect with the interview process, primarily what questions they will ask, but I’ve spent about four hours studying the questions I believe they will ask, consulted my wife as to how she would answer the same questions, and have taken […]

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I’m not sure when I realized it, but at some point I decide to look at the SEARCH options. What I found was very helpful. I tend to either search within two parameters, city and/or title. If you have a preference or choose to use the new Hiring Paths  options to search utilizing only categorical information such as positions open to only Native Americans, Students […]

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There is No Magic Method

Today I just wanted to reflect on what I’ve already posted about. Nothing groundbreaking or earth shattering as we have only touched on the basics so far. But what we have done is set the ground work for what’s to come next. But first we have to understand the importance of the Profile settings which I’ve gone into some detail about. Some readers out there […]

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Why For FREE….

Good Evening,  It may come as a surprise to you or maybe you just haven’t gotten into too much of what I am posting, but all of this content is free. No memberships, no email capturing unless you want to provide it, just my content for FREE. The reality is that I have found success utilizing these methods and so can you. I found in […]

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Know Your Limitations

Good Morning,  The title of this blog post says it all. Knowing your limitations is key to beginning the federal career process. In talking with many people who have asked me for help in the federal process I have heard consistently limitations of what prevents others from being successful. Generally speaking, we aren’t talking about potential, education, or experience, but a limitation on how much […]

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Who I am…

I began my search for positions back in 2013. After receiving several “not referred” notices on my application page, I began to search for getting this right. Utilizing my career counselor at Vocational Rehab for veterans who provided me with an outdated book, I realized I was going to need more help. Thankfully a coworker of mine gave me their resume and along the […]

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