The Interview Process and What To Expect

Hey all, At this moment in my life I am awaiting a phone call for a GS-13 position. It’s funny because I know what to expect with the interview process, primarily what questions they will ask, but I’ve spent about four hours studying the questions I believe they will ask, consulted my wife as to how she would answer the same questions, and have taken […]

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Why For FREE….

Good Evening,  It may come as a surprise to you or maybe you just haven’t gotten into too much of what I am posting, but all of this content is free. No memberships, no email capturing unless you want to provide it, just my content for FREE. The reality is that I have found success utilizing these methods and so can you. I found in […]

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Who I am…

I began my search for positions back in 2013. After receiving several “not referred” notices on my application page, I began to search for getting this right. Utilizing my career counselor at Vocational Rehab for veterans who provided me with an outdated book, I realized I was going to need more help. Thankfully a coworker of mine gave me their resume and along the […]

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