Looking for the Golden Ticket? Come on In.

Good day! Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The original one before Johnny Depp made his version. If you know the premise, there’s a golden ticket (5 to be exact) and it gains you admittance to Wonkas secret factory of delicious candy. Well, sorry to say, I don’t have a ticket to a secret factory, but here is […]

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The SF and OF Paperwork Explained..

The paperwork, ah the Paperwork OF-306, SF15, SF86.. Today we will examine the multitude of paperwork that comes with applying for a federal position. The only easy thing about the mandatory paperwork is that the forms, sounding foreign are at least easy to find. I will focus primarily on the essential documents that are commonly asked for and why each one is important. The good […]

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The Interview Process and What To Expect

Hey all, At this moment in my life I am awaiting a phone call for a GS-13 position. It’s funny because I know what to expect with the interview process, primarily what questions they will ask, but I’ve spent about four hours studying the questions I believe they will ask, consulted my wife as to how she would answer the same questions, and have taken […]

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Resume Post – Job Related Training

Good Evening, The last two posts have been about very important areas of your federal resume. If you haven’t viewed them and need to go back or just need to review the material, here are the links. RESUME POST 1 WORK EXPERIENCE and RESUME POST 2 EDUCATION. Moving forward to Job Related Training, this continues to provide more areas to set yourself up for success […]

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Resume Post – Education

Hopefully you have taken the time to review the WORK EXPERIENCE post I put up in reference to building your resume and now today we will look at how to incorporate your education as well. This post will not be as long as the previous, but it still needs to be said that you should highlight your scholarly experience. When applying to a position there […]

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Resume Post – Work Experience

Great Morning.. Prepare to dig in. This is the first of four resume posts I will be putting out. The work will be hard for some but the payoff will be worth it as you’ll be building a resume that will help you apply to positions in many areas at once. The caveat here will be if you are a professional in the medical or […]

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Required Documents and Why They Matter

Hello out there. I hope you’re learning some new and useful information. Today we approach the topic on REQUIRED DOCUMENTS for applications. I can’t tell you enough how important this is to progress from applicant to interview to “REFERRED”. If there is one thing that you absolutely can’t afford to mess up it’s this part of your application. Obviously your resume must be reflective of […]

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I’m not sure when I realized it, but at some point I decide to look at the SEARCH options. What I found was very helpful. I tend to either search within two parameters, city and/or title. If you have a preference or choose to use the new Hiring Paths  options to search utilizing only categorical information such as positions open to only Native Americans, Students […]

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There is No Magic Method

Today I just wanted to reflect on what I’ve already posted about. Nothing groundbreaking or earth shattering as we have only touched on the basics so far. But what we have done is set the ground work for what’s to come next. But first we have to understand the importance of the Profile settings which I’ve gone into some detail about. Some readers out there […]

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Relocation, Is it For You?

Great Monday Morning! If you are looking for opportunity, you can’t find a better one then relocating for a position within the Federal Government. Why? Glad you asked.. There’s a ton of people wanting a fulfilling career, but not many can leave their homes because of a myriad of life circumstances. People have ties to their communities that they feel they can’t begin to break […]

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