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It may come as a surprise to you or maybe you just haven’t gotten into too much of what I am posting, but all of this content is free. No memberships, no email capturing unless you want to provide it, just my content for FREE.

The reality is that I have found success utilizing these methods and so can you. I found in my own searches many other people out there with strange credentials who offer services that they want you to believe they learned something from a golden fountain of awesomeness or have some super secret squirrel within the federal HR community. WELL, I’m here to say, most of the competition out there is crap, they are using old ways to get people to buy into their “expertise”, to me that’s criminal as many of them haven’t even worked in the federal workspace, which I think is saying something. At anytime should you email me and call me out and want to see my SF-15 showing my last position and salary, I will be more than happy to provide it as proof of my success. I will even show you my USAJOBS profile so you can see my previous jobs and education, because I’ve made it my goal to rise out of mediocrity within my job fields. Here’s a reminder, I started at the VA as a GS-7 with two bachelors degrees and within one year I had a 30% raise in salary and navigated to a GS-11 with no further education i.e. MSW or MBA. In one year..how many certified federal resume writers can say the same?

What I offer you is all that I know for free, no hidden costs, and I will pretty much state for a fact if you utilize the topics and work at your profile, work experience, education development- you will be referred. Furthermore, once I post the SECRET and ELITE Interview questions of the magical rulers of old, if you study them, practice your answers with your relevant experience, and of course can back up that experience, YOU WILL MOST LIKELY GET HIRED. By the way my Secret and Elite Interview questions are the same OPM questions that are the only questions that can be asked for federal employment, they can be found here if you want to get ahead of my posts as I won’t get into details today. By the way, a recent search I did found a person who for 95$ you could get access to the secret Air Force Interview questions and questioning structure along with the How To answer them correctly. I applaud the guy for creating something here, but he should be selling his coaching, not the Air Force Interview questions. Link to the Performance Board Interview Questions can be found here.

I personally have gone through the Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation program with less than stellar results as I felt like I knew more than my advisor. I have found while talking with others, Voc Rehab is a crapshoot. Sometimes the advisors are stellar, sometimes not so much. When I was there I asked for help creating my federal resume. I was given an outdated book and once I had invested hours into it, realized no one unless they are high level lawyers or someone heading into the SES have to write out KSA’s. Take a look at how many “federal resume writers” have this at front and center of their websites.. It’s insane to think people are still selling outdated information.

I’m here to give you everything necessary to get your dream career in the federal government and why shouldn’t I help others find that? It’s not easy at all. People like to say “you’re a veteran and that’s why you get the jobs”, so not true. I know plenty of people who are veterans already in the federal workspace who can’t move around to better paying positions, although I will say I have a tiny bit of advantage, but if you’re the best person for the job, then you’ll get it and if not, there’s on this day November 12, 2017 over 8,000 positions waiting for you to apply for them on USAJOBS.GOV.

It’s also apparent that I have a consultations page. My aim is to help everyone out that comes to the site by publishing what’s worked for me. Some people will review my posts and realize that to really build your resume correctly, it takes time. In my life I definitely weigh time critical areas and figure out if I want to put in the work by sacrificing my own time with my family or friends or do I just hire the person who gets results. The option is open to anyone who comes here, but my content will always be free. Please share it to whomever can use it for their own career aspirations. Take what I’ve put out for the masses and make it your best and go for it!



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