New Year Results

Good Afternoon,

As many of you have been wondering about my previous possible position that I was waiting for some answer from, today I have that answer.

Back in November I had applied for a GS-13 position with the Air Force. Once the application closed within a week, I had heard back that I was “REFERRED” on to the hiring official. AS it was two weeks to Thanksgiving, I knew that due to many people moving in and out for the upcoming leave, it would be easy to know that I wouldn’t hear anything back until after Thanksgiving. I have spoken about the time process for positions and this held true to form. Thanksgiving came and went. Mid-Decemeber came and went. Christmas came and went, 6 weeks after my email from the HR authority stating I was “REFERRED” and then, New Years came and went.

January 3rd I received the acknowledgment that I was not selected for an interview. So, almost 8 weeks later from the date I was “REFERRED”, nothing but a notice of non-selection. I could sit here and be aggravated that I didn’t get the interview, but here’s the real deal.

I knew that on the Questionnaire, there were 3 out of 13 statements that I couldn’t state for a TRUTHFUL fact that I was the Subject Matter Expert. I’m not sure others could say the same, but I have to respect the process and know that the highest rated applicants were selected. What does this mean for me going forward, simple. I have to gain those experiences to put me at the top of the selection process.

I know several of you have heard bad information. “Apply for everything and see what sticks.” “Don’t worry about TIG (Time In Grade), you’re a disabled Veteran.” “Ask the hiring official if there is a possible way to hire you through VRA.” While these may be an easy answer and the one you want to hear, I can tell you that if you are “reaching” for positions you’re not qualified for and can’t list yourself as the SME, then you are wasting time, creating anxiety and dreaming about positions/salary that you’re not going to obtain.

Unlike the private corporate world where reaching for positions is par for the course as everyone knows you can shine on an interview, that’s not going to happen in the federal system. You are either highly qualified, or not. Truth be told, applying for positions you know you’re not qualified for is only making the process harder for those people who are attempting to get the job that are well qualified.

So look at your experience, look at your education, and apply for positions your are highly qualified for or are the SME (Subject Matter Expert) and can do the job with your hands blindfolded. Don’t blame the Government, don’t blame protected classes of applicants, don’t blame race, don’t blame yourself. Get the right step on your hiring process by investigating your options, reading my previous posts, and getting more training to make yourself as a standout candidate.

Hope you’re all having an excellent New Year.

-Coach Fed..

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