IF you have arrived here it’s easy to imagine why.

There are plenty of resources on the net and why not try to get the best out of many of them. Information is key in finding out how to navigate the federal career space. I built this site to inform others and to help others get to where they would like to be in a successful career within the federal government. The major problem out there is a lot of the information costs you something. Or in many cases I read books or websites where the information was dated. Let me be the first to tell you, if you come upon a website that offers as part of a service helping you to write KSA’s, that’s a thing of the past. I only say that because why pay for something that you can review yourself and if you follow much of what I will put out within this website then you’ll have no problem looking at the Applicant Questionnaire and understanding the KSA’s they have already written for your viewing.

When I embarked on my first foray into the federal world I knew absolutely nothing about a federal resume, ZERO, nor did I know about the interview process which is very different compared to typical job interviews. My journey started because I had been working as a student in a federal work-study program at a VA facility and a position opened up in the same office. Full-time, great pay and benefits and a great starting point for my hopeful career as I moved forward with my educational goals. The position was opening shortly on the USAjobs.gov website so I did the only natural thing, I asked one of my colleagues to help me out with my resume. They knew my experience level and that I hoped to make a career in the same area as they were working in. I showed them my resume and I’m not be dramatic when I say they laughed.

They laughed not at my lack of experience, nor my previous jobs or the way I had formatted my PRIVATE resume. They laughed because they knew, like I know now, that the Human Resources point of contact is looking for thoroughness and depth of experience. The idea of a position, some highlights, all in bulleted format, wasn’t going to cut it. Before I say anything is concrete in the federal resume realm, let me also be the first to let you know that I have met an outlier who had no experience with the formatting that I was taught to use as an example for my own. This former coworker had written more of a CV, but still not in the same depth. Perhaps it was the education level or expertise that led to them being hired, regardless, don’t count on being an outlier, count on knowing you built an impressive resume and that you lost the position to someone else with better skills.

I believe that by helping others to demystify the federal resume, application, interviewing process that we can all help others to get into the right agency and most importantly in the career of their dreams. While I can’t guarantee you a definite job once you’ve learned my techniques at least you will be miles ahead of many others in the job search and total federal space. I say FEDERAL SPACE because the idea to view a career in the federal government is to understand the complete picture. Building a successful profile, resume, learning better search processes, and learning the definitions for certain paperwork necessary to have a complete application package is key to your success, much like having the right ingredients to a recipe either makes it or breaks it.

The federal work space can be fulfilling. I have had numerous opportunities to be paid to relocate out of the country, more about that here RELOCATION. I have had the option to go as a short timer to other countries for 90-120 days. I have also discovered my job that I would like to retire working at once I become fluent in one or two different languages. The opportunities are endless if you’re savvy enough to find them, to apply for them, to interview, and to get offered the position. Some of my colleagues have traveled for 5 years or more in many different countries, having the experience of their lives, raising their children outside of the United States and then coming back to the United States with all that richness that they were able to see, taste and explore.

Please continue to search this site for information that can help you with your career. We will be updating weekly content. You can always subscribe by clicking here always with the knowledge that you can cancel your emails at any time by emailing the administrator directly instead of those weird buttons that never seem to work. I look forward to helping you in the future and others you may send here.



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