Who I am…

I began my search for positions back in 2013.

After receiving several “not referred” notices on my USAjobs.gov application page, I began to search for getting this right. Utilizing my career counselor at Vocational Rehab for veterans who provided me with an outdated book, I realized I was going to need more help. Thankfully a coworker of mine gave me their resume and along the way I’ve added to the content creation and spent many hours on USAjobs.gov refining my search skills, profile updates, and maintaining my federal resume and various government paperwork for example SF-50, OF-306, and SF-15 just to mention a few.

Now in 2017 having just left my last position, I have now gone from “not referred” to “referred” to “hired” and knowing I did that with no help, YES NO HELP from networking makes me realize that I can help others do the same. Also, know that I am not telling you to not network with others, you never know who you talk to and what they may have to offer you or who they can introduce you to. Not to blow my own horn, but I was able to move 4 grades in government service in two jobs within one year. I started as a GS-7 and moved to a GS-11 with just about everything the same although I did utilize my time to learn new skills that cost me 0$, by doing this I realized quite a significant gain in salary, leadership potential, and future retirement.

MY goal and wish is to help you, the explorer to find the career of your making and to help you navigate the federal hiring world. I am providing my experiences and knowledge on this website so you can benefit from what has helped me. I am also offering this for FREE, just the other day I saw a program for Air Force Interview Questions and after entering your email and paying 25$ to gain access then you could start learning them. I will post these interview questions soon. I knew after reading 3 of them that they are the same interview questions that anyone can find if they are savvy enough to search for them, or you can review them as soon as I can get to posting the blog but if you want to see what 25$ will buy you or what I offer for free, here’s the link:


The previous website where I say this amazing 25$ to gain access came from should have been marketing how to answer these questions and how to navigate which questions revolve from your previous experience. Look forward to that post..

If you feel like time is of the essence in your federal career search. I am available for consultation. I provide full resume development, USAjobs.gov applicant profile review and content as well as coaching for immediate needs for a set price depending on the time constraints. Fill out the contact form and I will get back to you within 48 hours.



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